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The Building Process

Typically we use a 5"x5" or 6"x6'"cca treated post set 10' on center, engineered trusses (90mph/20psi load rated) set 5' on center. We use a 2"x6" ccs treated bottom/splash plate around the bottom of the building perimeter. 2"x6" wall girts are standard space 2' on center (our competitors use 2"x4" wall girts). Top plates are doubled on support walls and are attached with 40d shanked nails as well

as our trusses. Roof nailers are 2"x4" 2' on center. Wind bracing and rat run bracing are standard. Option to backfill with concrete (customer provided). Contact your sale reps for number of bags you will need.

We Build Post Frame Structures

Engineered wood-frame building system that features large solid-sawn post or laminated columns instead of studs. Wood columns are implanted in the ground or surface-mounted to a concrete pier of masonry foundation. Post typically are set on 8' 10', or 12' centers engineered trusses 4' or 5' centers.


Our Unique Horsebarns

What makes our horse barns unique is that our poles are set inside inline with the wall poles spaced 12’ on center. This creates a 12’x12’ grid inside the building allowing the customer to build their own stalls, tack room with 12’ lumber.  

Much less expensive then buying stalls. 4’ Stall sliding doors allow easy acces while still being able to seal off your building protect your livestock from harsh elements.

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